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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do, however, it is subject to availability.
We currently operate in Metro Atlanta Area.
Yes. All employees have undergone CPR and first aid training. We also require sensitivity training to handle the needs of patients during the transportation.
We provide non-emergency transportation services to any location required. Our vehicles include: wheelchair Vans, Gurney Vans, Mini Vans and sedans to ensure we can meet everyone's needs.
Yes, One travel companion with no additional fee.
Yes, we ask for advance notice so that we can assure any destination can be accommodated.
Very rarely does insurance pay for non-emergency transport. We suggest that you contact them to verify exactly what your coverage is. We will provide you with a detailed invoice for services rendered. We can send the invoice directly to your insurance company if instructed to do so.
Royal Prestige operates 24/7 and depending on the distance of travel and where you live. We encourage you to book transports with us as early as possible.
Royal Prestige accepts checks, VISA, and MasterCard as payment. Royal Prestige will accept cash on the Date of Service.
Depending on the distance traveled and needs of the patient. Royal prestige is very competitive with pricing, please Call 687-324-0981 for RATES or click link to get Quotes in email.
All of our units are equipped with two-way communication and Ipads to give up-to-the-minute ETA.
Our central dispatch center has the ability to locate the nearest vehicle and change driver routes as needed. We make every effort to minimize the time our clients have to wait by dispatching the vehicle nearest the pickup location.
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